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Shoplife Africa is a subsidiary of Souljar Mind Entertainment Network (SMEN), a registered company that deals with General merchandise,music production, Entertainment,Artist management, and Event planning . Shoplife is a social hub for all creative brands, it's a magazine-commerce platform that uses content marketing to promote the creative enterprise of its members. It's a social commerce platform that deals in music, fashion and lifestyle contents and merchandises.

We help a wide range of customers in achieving their desired productivity through our multi-facet high valued products which includes digital promotions for creative and lifestyle brands, music production for brands and music distribution for independent musicians.


Shoplife Africa deals majorly with and not limited to independent musicians,designers and other creators. Our mission is to launch digital and offline and brand marketing,promote our independent sellers,musicians and creative designers to sell their contents, services and merchandises. We are building a community of like minded creative people to work, collaborate and do partnership marketing to leverages on each other  skills and client base.

In other to achieve these,Shoplife amplifies the value of our services through an intersection of thousands of vendors, re sellers, artists, and consumers . We do these via our Social Classifds, Celebrity Merchandise Store, Shoplife Music Production Online Business and Marketing arm, We also handle selling of Recorded Music and other Musical Services for musicians, Online and Offline Music Distribution, Digital Advertising, Merchandising and Printing

Shoplife Africa was born to help creative individuals and independent sellers make revenues from their creative and lifestyle business . Our tagline is "Enjoy a Celebrity Lifestyle" .

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