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Smen Music Distribution (SMD) partners with retail stores and retail chains to orchestrate strategic music marketing for Nigerian musicians in-other  to get independent musicians contents to their audience.  Musicians can distribute their music to all the digital stores and streaming services in Nigeria and the rest of the World via Smen Music Distribution. From Itunes , Spotify, Apple music, Mtn music plus, Techno boom play music and even selling your music albums and Eps via playlist streaming on Shoplife Playlist. Independent musicians can make good money in this digital age with Shoplife.  Apart from all the retail stores on the web , we also have an offline  distribution networks for all Shoplife physical musical products, we align with hot DJs and popular street marketers to spread your music fast. Musicians that want to do a mega distribution deals can choose this options to have his/her music retailing and distribution move faster and get popular.  Smen Music Distribution is also the music licensing portal for our musician thus, the musicians can licence their songs to film, games, advert etc.  See one of our packages here

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