Robin Sharma 5 Rituals to Predict Your Success


Consistency is the mother of mastery. It’s not what you do once a year that will allow you to live a legendary life; it’s what you do every single day. If you want to be successful in life, you need some rituals that will make you to perform very well. I studied Robin Sharma and I think it’s what it to share what I discovered about his rituals on Dayss Ola Lee motivational quotes Series. Let’s get down to this.

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  • The ritual of early rising: How you begin each day will determine what you will make out of your life. Each person’s Life in itself is the accumulation of seconds, minutes, hours and days. I include this because a lot of people start the day on very bad and moody notes and they want that day to produce great result for them. You have to face each day like a person going into war, do you start preparing for war on the war field? No, you have to prepare before the battle begins. Take for example, The Spartans war lords, they have a very great motivational quotes I will like to mention, it goes this way, “Spend more time in Training, and bleed less in war”. That is to say that the level of your preparation for anything will determine the result you will get from it. So, to be a Spartan war lord, an undefeatable titan in business or an unstoppable person in life, you need to set up an early daily routine that will make you face each day like it’s a battle. This will make your days productive and rewarding.


  • According to Robin Sharma, he said you should include exercising in your early routine so that you can sweat. He said this produces BDNF-Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor, something that helps repair the brain cells from stress. Sweating also increases your metabolic reaction which will give you energy. It’s also good to note that if we live in a World of energy, we need to do things that will make us to vibrate on a frequency that can actually connects to more positive energies of the Universe. Sometimes, vibrating on a good and positive energy is more valuable than intelligence. For example, I am a Christian and I so much value my relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit, sometimes, I will want to do things but He will resist me, I may want to go ahead and I just receive a note in my spirit that the thing will just be a waste of time, if I continue on that journey and I use my intellect to calculate it, it will surely result in a waste of time. I will then remember, and the Holy Spirit told me. That’s how positive energies works, but you have to be geared up in your spirit to connect to the frequency. If you wake up in the morning and you are just dragging your feet all around the house, inspiration for the day, you do nothing that makes you sweat, you will discover that the level of your motivation that morning will be very low. I got the inspiration to start “Ways to Shopping Life” when I was washing my cloth early one morning.

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Also, it will be greatly beneficial to you if your early morning routine includes something very important like journaling. Writing in a journal is not just an exercise, it helps you connect with your goals, to know about your values for each day and even know more about yourself. As the saying goes, awareness is the beginning of transformation. Journaling also helps you to learn from your day. If you subscribe to this exercise of writing in a journal, it will help you to take time out to reflect at the end of the day. Journaling is learning and learning more is equal to achieving more and as you move from knowledge realms to understanding more, your achievements increases.

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