How to Live a Comfortable Life with Jesus (Part 1)


This is the Part one of how to live a comfortable life with Jesus in the Dayss Ola Lee Series.

Anyone that walks with the wise will be wise himself. There is a way that seems right but the end is destruction. It’s only the fool that will be destroyed though, not the wise. If Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, and being the wisdom of God, any life that connects to Him can never be stranded nor destroyed.


There are degrees of life just as people believes that there are three stages in Life;, the morning stage (The Prime), the afternoon stage (Middle age) and the Evening stage (Old age). Just as there are stages of life, so we do have degrees of life, which is a topic for another time.


Every man wants to live a comfortable life. There is a life of torment and there is a life of comfort. If you have not taste the formal, you won’t appreciate the later. But, does that means I have to go through torment before I can live an enjoyable life? No, that is not what I am saying here, if you are to stay permanently on the good side, it all boils down to you and your lifestyle. You need to create a lifestyle that will affect you and others positively before you can live a comfortable life.

A lot of people crave for happiness; real happiness is not about you but about others. When you start craving for the happiness of the World around you, you will graduate from happiness (a feeling) to Joy (which is of the heart). The reason I have to touch on this is because a lot of people think money and material things are the only things you need to live a comfortable life. Money is not an end; it’s a means to an end. Have you not seen rich and foolish people living miserable lives?

Understanding is what matters most, when our understand come alive in some areas, we will withdraw our minds from some believes that are holding us captive.

There is a huge power in understand. God’s own wisdom is understanding. Even though you are not yet where you envision for your life, if you have the understanding on what to do to get there, you will have comfort in your soul. I want to shed light on some major areas that our understanding needs to come alive in order to live a comfortable life with Jesus. In this part, I will be talking on meditation.

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To understand things and solve some impossible problems, we need our understanding to come alive. One of the way to do this is by meditating. Meditation is the mental grinding of the word of God and applying it to your life. For example, if you are having challenge in your health. There are Words that God had packaged inside the bible for you to use to conquer. Jesus in Matthew 17 verse 8 took my infirmities and bares my sicknesses. If you can think on this word well, and you continue to grind it till you squeeze the juice out, in no time, your health will springs forth. You will discover a shocking truth and something will be revealed into your spirit. I am not talking about meditation that involves having you to suspend your body under some influences, what I am saying is allowing your spirit to communicate and listen to the Spirit of the Highest God. There is so much information in this World and no one except God knows them all. If you need information on the things you don’t know, won’t it be a wise thing to do to contact someone that knows that information. A man is made of spirit, soul and body. The soul consists of our mind, will and emotion. The spirit is the heart, not the physical heart in your body. The spirit is the unseen heart without which you can communicate with God. After the fall of man, the spirit of man died. So, man was left with the body and the soul. This implies that man has to struggles to get everything done. To make everything worst, there are curses placed on man at the fall. But a very loving God also made a provision to get out of that curses and struggles. I told you earlier that your spirit is your unseen (spiritual) heart. God had to let go of the only begotten son to die so that the spirit of man can communicate with Him again. God is a spirit and anyone that communicates with God must communicate with Him in spirit and truth. Remember, after Adam fell, the spirit of man died. Not just that, the body and the soul of the man was subjected to evil. You know that the soul consists of the mind, will and emotion. The man willingly surrenders all to the devil. Everything with God requires perfection and order, thus meditation requires you to stay calm in your spirit , let your mind be perfectly tuned to the frequency of Heaven and order your thoughts in the direction you want them to go. On the other hand, everything with the wicked master, the devil is about chaos and disorderliness. You can’t achieve anything with him. You can’t meditate inside chaos.

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In conclusion, to live a comfortable life with Jesus, you have to meditate on His words If Jesus is the word and in Him is life. You need meditation to get that life into your daily lifestyle so that you will live an enjoyable and enviable life. Freedom is the greatest gift.  Self-sufficiency is the greatest freedom


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