I Love 2 Shoplife

I love 2 Shoplife is a campaign set up for you to fully showcase your love for your self, family, loved ones and people you don't know. Love is a very special feeling capable of turning the whole World around, what if you tap into this special feelings and enjoy life.

Enjoy a celebrity lifestyle as a club member, we are kick-starting I love 2 Shoplife tour, The campaign is about African children, it's tagged "Towards Feeding and Clothing African Children" .  Shoplife Africa wants to use this opportunity to invite all our club members to share a memorable feelings for these young stars coming behind us.

There are numerous problems we can solve together as a community. Every African child needs these basic amenities. We are creating a cool t-shirt designs for you and your loved ones. These are boyfriend and girlfriend matching t shirt, couples t shirt, t-shirt for you alone or t shirt for the whole family?, we are doing this to raise funds for the I love 2 Shoplife tour. 70% of the proceedings from every T-shirt or other merchandise sales goes to Ilove 2 Shoplife tour "Towards Feeding and Clothing African Children"

We make use of great cotton materials with Direct To Garment printing to make you look beautiful and elegant. We also use embroidery if that is the choice you want. We won't just make you look lovely, you will stand out and as King and queen. You can check out some of our branded fashion products on Shoplife Store. Don't worry we will make them for you at an affordable price.

Towards Feeding and Clothing African Children campaign will kickstart in Lagos with 57 primary schools in the 57 LCDAs of Lagos State. We are visiting a school per LCDA to impart goodness, Love, Knowledge, Inspirations, Tech Ideas, Food and Clothing materials to these leader of tomorrow.

As one of our esteemed members, there are lots of benefits you will gain from donating or purchasing any of the merchandise in supporting this campaigns.

You stand a chance to be invited to any of the 57 schools, be part of the I love 2 Shoplife musical series and get featured on Shoplife Daily.  To support this campaign, kindly go to the Shoplife Store here or visit the donation's page here

Use #Ilove2shoplife hashtag to spread to the World.

Towards Feeding and Clothing African Children

Souljar Mind Entertainment Network (Shoplife's parent company) is kickstarting " I Love 2 Shoplife Lagos Musical Tour Project". It's about playing music and extending loving hand to the less privilege in our society. Towards Clothing African Children was born in 2015 but was unable to take traction, but with much knowledge and passion, we are ready to give it what it takes. I love 2 Shoplife musical team was formed for a main goal to revive this project . I love 2 Shoplife music team consists of musicians who are passionate to see positive social change in our community and Africa at large.

We are using larger part 2018 to tour Lagos and raise awareness on the needs for children to be properly clothed and fed. Putting on good cloth makes us to raise our sense of value, boost our moral and self esteem, make us look elegant. Without doubt, we want our future leaders to realize who they are, have moral
and good self esteem . Food on the other hand is not just a necessity but a vital one. We are collaborating with individuals, businesses other stakeholders to reduce hunger in our communities.I love 2 Shoplife musical will be playing music and distributing food items and clothing to School Children in the 20 Local Government and the 57 LCDAs areas of Lagos State to reach out to these young stars. To Join this team , you can register on Shoplife and
indicate by messaging @smenmusicshoplife .

To this end, we are donating 70% of our profit to this course. Designing your clothing with "I love 2 Shoplife" campaign means you have donated a token to some Children somewhere in Lagos. You also get the opportunity to be invited to one of the outing in any of the 57 primary schools when we kick off in April.

We look forward to your partnership. watch out for the tour date in
your area. #Ilove2shoplife

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