How to Create a Wealth Mentality and Live in Financial Freedom

Having made up your mind enough is enough, you are ready to commence the journey to turn around not only your finances, but your life in every aspect, if you are ready to continue paying the price in personal growth and development. Like someone said, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. The reason the teacher seems to appear is because the student is ready. In reality, the teacher has always been there. The student’s focus was somewhere else.

Your current mindset has taken you as far as you can go, maybe a little bit more if you are still in motion. If you have stopped moving ahead financially, it means you have come to the last bus stop. The bus is not going any further. If you want to you further, you need to come down and join another bus. If you want to move further financially, you need a new mindset, a new mentality – the wealth mentality.

Your mindset determines your results. Your mindset controls or directs your thoughts like the course of a river. Your thoughts determine your actions. Your actions determine your results. So it is logical to say your mindset or mentality determines your results or reality. When you look at your life, what you see was created by your thoughts. If you keep working harder without changing your thoughts, you keep getting more of the same. It is like trying to find your way around in Lagos using the map of Ibadan. If you increase your speed, you get lost faster. You need the right map.

A poverty mentality cannot produce wealth. You cannot become rich through consumption. You have to produce, and that flows from a wealth mentality. If you try to produce with a poverty mentality, you cannot sustain the effort because you are wired for instant gratification. Delayed gratification is alien to your nature.

You need to create a wealth mentality if you want to become wealthy. It is only when you change your mentality that you can switch your focus permanently from:

Consumption to production,
Liabilities to assets,
Taking to giving,
Competition to cooperation,
Individual to team,
Lack to abundance,
Limitation to possibility etc

You cannot act differently in a sustainable basis until you develop a new mindset and mentality so as to focus differently and ultimately act differently.

In the next post, we will examine how to develop a new mindset or mentality – the wealth mentality

This post is written by Usiere Uko . He is the  writer and author of Practical Steps to Financial Freedom and Independence.


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