The Worth of an Ideal Shoplife music fan

One of the greatest gift of life from the father of Glory is the gift of Music, music affects our day to day activities, businesses, relationships,how we interact with our environment etc. you can imagine how this life will be without music. Lovers of music can therefore attest to the fact that it is the future and soul of all lifestyle, entertainment, youth culture and industry, especially when built on originality and professionalism.

Smen music / Shoplife Africa since inception have gainfully employed the marriage between musicians and their fans who over the years have yearned for quality music, lifestyle and information through a scrutinized system that is employed in the music selection process.

Musicians in one hand have the privilege to connect directly to their fans as well as build momentum and follower-ship just as they sell themselves to the World  that's eagerly waiting for their style of music.  Smen music / Shoplife Africa aids artist in  making good music, release strategies,marketing and online branding. From music production to promotion, we define a good path for a musician to trail to his/her career breakthrough.

On the other hand, the fans are entreated to a variety of opportunities,offers and rewards that enrich their taste of music, fashion and lifestyle to the point of no return. As we all know that there is no chicken without an egg, so also the music ecosystem will be boring without you great fans and aficionados out there. That is what leads us to analyzing the worth of an ideal Shoplife music fan.

The worth of a fan to Shoplife and to our independent musicians is so enormous and can not be over-emphasized. Musicians especially independent artist  took all the courage to engage creatively becuase he/she knows there is someone out there, a super fantastic person who will enjoy and cherish what he/she is creating, and that is the main reason Shoplife Africa came on the scene to create a wonderful experience between the creators (Artists) and the consumers(Fans) . Shoplife curate and gather the best and tech independent musicians together on one roof for the maximum enjoyment of you our super fans, so as a Shoplife music fan, you are extra-ordinary, superb and lovely.

Smen music / Shoplife Africa have so many benefits and features we have specifically outlined as a musical gift and an unforgettable experience for our music lovers. These are some of the benefit you will enjoy as a Shoplife music fan

  1. Access to stream human curated playlists : Shoplife will be using some of the tech music from our independent musician's albums and Eps to create a tech playlist you can stream from anytime you are getting bored or having a party. These playlist are curated and arranged by music geeks and industry professionals that have vast knowledge in the art of music play-listing.  These playlist are also curated by themes and lifestyle, so you will surely have so many of them that will connect to your lifestyle.
  2. Rewards via Shoplife Coins : As you register an account on Shoplife, you automatically get  rewarded with 10 Shoplife coins that you can use to stream hot musical albums and playlist on the platform. Shoplife coins is a currency you can spend on Shoplife to purchase digital contents and lifestyle. When you perform any activity on Shoplife , from listening to playlist, albums and Eps, to following your favorite musicians and other users, or even commenting on a post, sending a private or public message to your friends or favourite their social media post on the platform, you will be rewarded with Shoplife coins,you can use these coins to do so many things on Shoplife.
  3. Win tickets to an Event: You also stand a chance to win a ticket to the events and gigs of your favourite artist and the Shoplife creators in your city
  4. Get to know more about your favorite artist : Via Shoplife Daily, you will get access to a varieties of  information about the musicians that's hot and the musicians you are following on the platform. From artist of day, track and album of the day, you wont have a dull moment on Shoplife. You will also get great gist from the music industry in general
  5. As a Shoplife fan, you will get exclusive access to the contents and activities of the artists you are following, you will be able to also add other Shoplife fans as a friend , connect and gist about your love for music
  6. You will have opportunity to compensate your favorite musicians and creators on the platform by subscribing to either daily, weekly or monthly Shoplife Lifestyle packages that you can use in streaming great exclusive contents that is not available anywhere else. Shoplife Lifestyle will be paying all the creators on the platform so they can keep making more good contents for the enjoyment of you their fans. When you subscribe, you will surely get the value for your money.
  7. Another great menu on Shoplife is that you can buy merchandises from your favourite musician and creator rigth here on Shoplife. You can get discounted products ranging from Apparel, tech gadgets, art, physical music copies and lots more. This is the reason Shoplife is called the home of music merchandising.

There are so many features on the platform that will wow you, if these are not enough reasons for you to join Shoplife as a fan and connect to your favorite musicians, we will implore you to join Shoplife and test things out yourself, you will undoubtedly make this platform your second home, second food and second best friend, the reason being that you will enjoy a whole lot of lifestyle  and unforgettable experience on Shoplife. So what are you waiting for?, wouldn't you rather Shoplife ?.

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