Top 4 Music Distribution and Streaming Platform for Indie Artists in Nigeria

Musicians of this age have their destiny in their hands. Waiting for a record label to help you get your music to listeners ears is like waiting for Uber taxi in your village, you will wait forever. Independent musicians can make use of digital music distribution to get there music out there and also start making money to pursue their career goals.

There are some music streaming and downloads app and websites that have huge catalogues and user base that you can leverage on as an independent musicians.

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Top 5 Music Distribution and Streaming Platform for Indie Artists in Nigeria

  1. Cloud 9 : Cloud 9 pride themselves as one of the best music and entertainment platform. They have a range of local and international catalogues. It’s an integrated entertainment platform that any independent musicians can make use of to make cool money with their art. Cloud 9 is run in partnership with 9 mobile formerly Etisalat.
  2. Spinlet: Spinlet believes artists especially indie musicians should be rewarded for their music and get paid for their creativity. They have local and international musical artist on their platforms. From Afrobeat to Highlife and other genre, you can get your music to new ears.
  3. Mtn Music Plus: This is the largest music retailers in Nigeria currently. They have great plans for indie songs. There is even a next rated page for hot coming artists. A lot of big musicians are now depending on music streaming and download to replace the Alaba boys strategy. Get on board
  4. Boomplay: This app have an average of a million daily users. Developed and owned by Tecno mobile, the app is available on tens of millions of Tecno mobile phone and it’s a great place to start earning tangible revenue for your music.


Don’t sit down and watch the big artist share the whole music industry cake, get on board. As an indie musician, the fans are waiting to hear your sound. They are tired of these old guys, start distributing your music today.


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