Six Most Important Digital Music Marketing Tools

Musicians have enormous opportunity in this digital age to reach out to mass audience and establish a huge following for their personal musical brand. There are lots of digital music marketing tools that are available now that are not existing some decades ago and these tools give musicians especially the indie ones the opportunity to take care of their musical destiny.  Although there are prices to pay to get going but these tools can get you the results you envision for your brand if well harnessed and used.

The Six Most Important Digital Music Marketing Tools are:

1. Content: Your current and future fans want to listen to your contents. As a musicians, everything you do and every content you intend to give out to your fans should be something that is not short of awesome. Think of it, your music, your pictures, artwork,  your videos, newsletters, blog post  should   be set on one goal and that goal is for your current and future fans to listen to your music. Content as part of digital music marketing tools help you to feed your audience with lots of interesting stuffs that can enhance your brand.

Each of your contents should commit your music lovers and those that are yet to discover your art to like what you are doing and even make an impulse purchase of your music or anything that pertains to your brand.

2. Social Media: There is no doubt about the importance of social media in this digital music age. social media is a very powerful too that can have a sporadic effect when used with wisdom. You can share and broadcast information in connecting to others, even people that are yet to know your art exist. With social media, you are addressing an audience that is per-prepared for you, you just need to study and make good research into the audience segment that will help your own brand. Keep this at the back of your mind, without good content, social media is just a waste of time. Like the going that says like attracts like, the contents you produced and disseminate via social media will determine the kind of people you will get as fans, so prepare your marketing and music promotional messages beforehand, put the people you want to attract in consideration when creating your contents or putting together your music promotions.

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3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization ): Another most important tools of digital music marketing is SEO. This one is big, when we are talking about SEO, you think of goggle, bing etc. Google is the biggest Search engine in the World, if your contents can rank on the first page of google when someone type in a keyword relating to your contents, that means you will be yet discovered by a new fan, this tool is so cool that it can give you a whole lot of followers within short period of time. But everything still depends on Contents which is your music and other related contents. Think about this, there are more than 20 million musicians around the globe; there are billions of songs out there, with these questions in mind, how will you get discovered then?  . Search engine rank and index digital contents according to some rules and suggest this contents to people that uses google or any other search engines to search. Your website, Url or any digital file you dropped on your website or any other platform is a destination online and search engines make sure that all these contents are shown to people that searches for them according to how relevance the content is to the searcher. So SEO is a very important tool in digital music marketing

4. Data analysis: All other tools are very important in digital music marketing but without data analysis, all your effort will just be wasted one. With traditional marketing, you don’t know how many people are listening, watching or responding to your contents but with digital music marketing, you can use data analysis tools to access the amount of people that are visiting a specific page on your website, you can know the success of your effort, you can even assess the impact of your day to day music marketing efforts and all these can happen in real time. You can use these data analysis tools to develop digital music strategies that will build and commit your fans, you can even use these tools to know if you achieve increased visibility, attracts more fans, secured their loyalty, sell your contents. All these will help you to determine your next tactics and also optimize your actions.

5. Monetization Model: There are so many platforms that you can sell your contents on apart from your website or direct marketing . You can do big time music distribution via Smen Music to platforms via like ITunes, apple music; spotify, Mtn music plus ,techno boom play music etc. All these tools are there to enhance your digital music marketing effort. There are millions and millions on these platforms already; you need some visibility to monetize these platforms. Another thing is, these tools or should I call them platforms give your fans choices of where to buy your contents.

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6. Knowing Your Public: To every artist, there are different audience and unique sub categories of fans. As an artist, you can use the newsletter and email marketing tools to divide your audience into groups. Although, it will be difficult to really ascertain the level of loyalty of some fans, but you can develop a craving to knowing your public, use it as a tool so that you can better tailor your messages and promotions to them accordingly. There are True or Super fans, there are regular and casual fans, you need to know them and develop your contents to target their interest. According to Pareto principle in music context “ 80% of your content will be purchased by 20% of your fans” , so that means if you have 1000 super fans, you are good to go even if all the rest are not yet buying your contents. This will allow you to know the heart of your audience and develop tailored contents to your engaging fans.

    1. In conclusion, Digital music marketing tools exist to complement your traditional music strategies, but this depends on what you want. There are so many tools to use to gather large fan base and make huge amount of revenue from your art. You can use these tools to start planning your next release .  At the end, it all depends on the goals you are aiming to achieve with your digital music marketing.

      I hope you enjoy this article, join the conversation below, so we can learn from each other on some of the tools musicians can use to market their contents in this digital music economy.

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