Pidgin Readers: See Bling, bling everywhere : For inside London’s Versace Tower – Britain’s first ‘branded’ high rise with fashion-statement homes

Assuming say you dey stay or you dey plan say you won go stay for UK now, e for good make you buy one of this apartment. This one na hin dem dey call extra ordinary,luxury and extravagant lifestyle. The money for the house alone dey make me think.

Italian fashion house "Versace" and Aykon London one na dem both collabo to build the Versace Towers. Na this year August dem start the project and dem won finish ham for 2020. One thing wey amaze me be say, out of 360 houses wey go dey inside the tower, dem don already sell 170. You go dey reason say na how much dem dey sell ham, na wetin me self ask myself.

Many many overseas buyers na dem full ground buy majority of the house wey dey inside the "Versace Tower" we dey talk. People from the Gulf States, Hong Kong, Russia, Iran and Pakistan na dem put plenty plenty money buy the house. Naija guy fit dey there too .

Dem talk say the higher you go for the tower, the higher you go pay. If you won get one studio for the place, you money na £747,000 according to Estate agent Portico wey dey market the flats . I know say you go dey talk for your mind say you better come buy land for Move .  If you won get one-bedroom apartment for there, your money na £1,116,000, and two-bedroom flats start from £1,877,000.

But dem talk say you go enjoy your money well, buyers go certainly get plenty of Versace bling bling wey go boku for everywhere for inside the house.

Residents go enjoy in-house dining, a concierge, swimming pool and spa, all for inside Versace’s trademark wey go make sense wella.

Even pikin playroom go get Versace carpet wey go dey versace  color,  Some small small pikin wey won go study for London universities  self dey this Aykon London One Versace towers,dem dey cruise all around for their Ferraris wey dem mama and papa wey get money wella buy dem. Awon Omo Baba Olowo .

The question be say, shey you fit get one room apartment for that kind money,  leave your comment, make we reason together.

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