Why You Need To Have Your Own Website To Promote Your Music

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It’s a good thing to have a very good presence on various social media channels and music websites out there, but to promote your music ,getting a dedicated website as a musician or band is a non-negotiable deal. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Sound Cloud, YouTube, Snap chat, Vine, Instagram, and other music platforms have a very huge audience that you can tap into and build a loyal fan base for your music , they are where to promote your music  , but your own specialized website that can own your media should be given more priority. Social media come and go, as in the case of MySpace , another thing is that just one action from the executives who run these giant social platforms can ruin all the efforts you  have been putting in to build a loyal fan base for your musical brand. There are times that having a Facebook page is like having a profile, not anymore, if you focusing all your energy as an artist or band on building a Facebook page, do you know it’s 3% of your total fan base that will see each of your post ?, these platform are run to maximise profit for the investors, so their policies might hurt you sooner than later. Everything you put on your website will be there and they will be indexed by search engines like google and bing and make it available for people searching for your kind of music, style and band.

If you ask so many music professionals and experts, they will all agree you have your own website.  Greater percentage of event and show managers won’t take your band seriously if you don’t have a website that house all your Medias and designs. Having a well-designed website will make it possible for them to know more about you and your art. As an event manager, when I discover you on twitter, the next thing I will do is to check out your website and see how your brand looks like.

Having said that, these are the reason you need to have a website with an aesthetic feels for your musical brand.

1.     YOUR WEBSITE MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A PROFESSIONAL:  This shows that you are taking your music career more seriously. When the website is well designed and arranged with professional look, your brand will receive a lot of interest. This also shows you are more talented and dependable, it shows that you have honed your musical skills to some good professional level; you can’t be putting resources in developing a website when you know your music is not up to taste. It actually shows you are a professional.

2.     PEOPLE WANT A ONE STOP-DESTINATION:  Your website put together all your owned media. It’s a place your fans can get to know more about your music and personality, If I am checking out a new band coming up, all I need to do is Google them and if your band has a website , you usually come up first at the Google first page. I can now visit your social channels from your band’s website, check out your activities, shows, tours and gigs. I can also sign up for your newsletter if the musician or band uses the website to captivate me enough.


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3.     YOUR BRAND IDENTITY SHINES: Other websites that you host your files and art on can only give you what they think is necessary for you but on your own website, you can craft out a well-defined brand for yourself. You can decide on the type of colour you want your fans to associate with your musical brand. Your website can also give a very unique experience to your visitor that they will be loyal to you. Your own website is the only place where  band or artist can effectively display their “brand” so that people can get the full experience of you and your aesthetic at work

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4.     YOU GET TOTAL CONTROL: This means that you don’t need to worry about your updates not been seen or getting lost in the shuffle. The experience and the connections on your website is co-owned between you and your fans. One of the main reason you are a musician is to give good experiences to your loyal fans, the only place your fans can really get this awesome experience is on your website. A social channel might decide to remove a post from your timeline if they think it’s not appropriate for their platform, but on your website, everything is published until you decide to remove them. You don’t need to promote your post to your followers, when indexed well with good SEO strategies, your post will attracts lots of visitors to feel and experience your brand.

5.     BIG SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY MAY BE NOTHING TOMORROW   : Your own website will outlast and outshine them all. A lot of musician invested big time in Myspace then, when it fell out of favour, the musicians lose all the time, energy and resources they had put in to build the fan base they had then. Do not put all your egg in the social media basket,  social media and music platform may change the styles and the algorithms of their website to favour their own monetization but your own website style will remain the same because you and your team determines what happen not some corporation in Silicon Valley. Make your website your priority and start building a lasting legacy with your musical brand.


As a musician, do you really need your own website to promote your music? , What do you think?, Let us know in the comments .

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