Avenue to Make Money from your Digital Music Distribution in 2018

It’s no news that the music business paradigm is shifting from the physical sales to digital. Music fans uses technology devises to listen and enjoy their favourite musicians. The only reason so many music consumers still make use of their car CDs is because they are going on a long journey. Most of the time, they make use of their smart phones and other technology enabled devises to enjoy their favorite music. Digital Music Distribution is the avenue the music is made available for this process to work smoothly

With Digital music distribution,what opportunity do you have as a musician?  As an indie musician, you now live in the best of time in the music business history.  Gone are the days that you need a major or a moderately big record label to get your music out to the fans. With the advent of the internet, musicians can now sell directly to their fans all around the World on many of the retail stores. Digital music distribution is the process you are going to make use of to get your music to these retail stores.

Everything is changing but if you look at it closely, they still tends to operate in the same old way. In the physical music distribution business, you need a distributor that is capable if you want to have your music in the music retail stores and on the street. This is the job of the Alaba boys that is now declining. You should have asked yourself why Wizkid and Olamide dropped an album in 2017 and stick to digital distribution alone. Wizkid made a whopping Seventy five million naira on YouTube with Come closer feat Drake. These Superstars has the code and the right team on their back that makes things happen.  Do you want to know some facts about Digital Music Distribution? Then follow me and read through this article.

Digital Music Distribution Money Making Avenue For 2018


  1. Caller Ring Back Tunes (CRBT): Do you know that more than two third of Mtn Subscribers in Nigeria are using caller ring back tunes. If your music is not on CRBT, then you are missing out on great deals.  Nigerians are not like the people in the western world that are used to paying for music. So, buying music for N50 is something we can termed being cheap but somehow, some cash will find its way into the artist hand. It’s better than getting your music on blogs that will give you some hour’s publicity while extracting cash from you along the way. I always wonder when artist contacts me to get their music on music blogs, sometimes I will tell the artist to give me a little time to get him/her a music promotional plans . In this plan, I will include a strategy that the artist can use to make money while still reaching the people he/she wants to reach. But to my greatest amazement, these strategies are always ignored by the artists, they will get the song on these popular blogs with tens of thousands of naira and still end making nothing from the music. PR is good but you need a strategy to make the PR work. Crbt is one of the best ways to make money from you music. You need to distribute your music to be on this platform though . If you are ready to make money from your music, you can contact our sister company Smen Music to get your music on all Caller Ring Back Tunes service in Nigeria.
  2. Streaming and Downloads: It will amaze you to know that CRBT is still part of music streaming. The only difference is the medium the content pass through to the consumers. Fans in Nigeria are now using some great apps and websites to stream and download their favorite musician’s songs. If everything remain constant, streaming might be the only way music is going to be consumed in few years to come. You will be missing a lot of opportunity if you don’t jump in and start making money from music streaming. Some of the best platforms you can distribute your music to are Mtn music plus, Tecno boom play music , Aftown in Ghana , Spinlet , Mymusic and Shoplife. You can use Smen music Distribution to get to all the Nigerian platforms and the overseas platforms like Itunes, Apple music, Spotify, Tidal and so on.
  3. Licensing Platforms: If you are looking for a way to get your music into films and games , you can now make use of digital music distribution to do so. Some of the music distribution companies in the World also sell these services separately. With music licensing, you can earn additional revenue with your music and start living the kind of life you want as a musician.

These are some of the ways you can make money when you digitally distribute your music. You don’t need to wait and watch the big artists eat the cake alone. Jump in and start building up revenue from your music career.

Smen Music is an arm of Souljar Mind Entertainment Network, with Smen Music Distribution, you can distribute your music to any platform in the World. Just click here or contact us for more information.

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