7 Keys Components of Digital Marketing Strategy For Creative and Small Businesses in Nigeria

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You might have heard some of your friends or business associate talking about the fastest growing techniques of marketing called digital marketing, may be you are new to it or even confused about it, not anymore, you can learn all you need to right now , on this page. Digital marketing strategy is a plan of actions that is in trends now, you will be doing your business a lot of harm than good if you don’t jump in right away.

But wait, what’s digital marketing? , this might be one of the stuff bordering your mind. Digital marketing simply means using online and mobile channels to promote products and services. Take for example, your company produces tooth brush, you can use digital marketing elements and channels to build relationship with your prospective customers and sell to them. You can also use digital marketing strategy to pull in your current customers and make use of offline integration n other to serve them better.

In developing and executing a great digital marketing strategy, first thing need to come first, you to creatively put down your objectives. What are your business objectives, who are your target customers, which set of audiences you want to target using online marketing, what are your goals?

Putting together a digital marketing plan will help you to know the right channels to use, your online business personas and so on.

There are numerous components of digital marketing strategy but we will be looking at 7 key components. So, fasten your seat belt and let’s ride on a train of digital marketing World.

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Here are the Components of Digital Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses in Nigeria


  1. Content Marketing: You might have heard this cliché “Content is King” . Well, I will like to tell you something, everything in the universe is content, although they are more important than each other. In the online World, content rules, your business you are taking online will serve as content to digital World too. Your products to anything you have to offer are all form of contents. But content marketing is more broader than that. Content marketing consists of post, videos, photos, stories about your brand and sometimes your products. With good content marketing strategy, you will build authority and trust in the marketplace. You will be sharing a whole lot information about your business to your audience. These are information that can help them and make their lives easier using your products or services. So with content, you are what you publish.
  2. Web Presence: For you to be in this World, it means you were born from another World into this planet. The same thing apply in the digital World, if you are moving some part of your business or brand, or you want to leverage on digital marketing to sell some of your products and services, you need a very strong and tight website. Your website is your number one identity on the internet. Some business makes the mistake of building their online identity on social media or some other pages, if you are serious about making anything out of online marketing; you need a very good website. These are some of the questions you must ask yourself about your website features :
  • Is your website mobile friend and optimised for all browsers?
  • Is it search engine friendly?
  • Are there clear calls to actions on the website?
  • Is there a link to the business’s social pages
  • Are there multiple leads capture point?
  • Is there a contact us page and is it easily accessible
  • Is it clean and easy to navigate?

These are some web design feature your business website must have to in other to deliver to you good results. Do you want an affordable fully optimized website , our team at Shoplife Digital Promotions will give you exactly what you want. Get this package here or contact us for more information

  1. Search Engine Optimisation: Here, I am talking about one major area online that people cannot do without using. With SEO, you can optimise your website for organic traffic to your business website through choosing of the right keywords. When people in this age want something, the first thing they do is go on Google or any other search engines to look for it. Your business will be losing out on big opportunities because your competitions are already cashing in on this SEO money. Depending on the path you choose, you can use this digital strategy also to make your business visible. With SEO, you get organic (unpaid) traffic to your web infrastructures.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Larger part of the digital community are on one social media platforms or the other, you will be missing out if your social media pages are not correctly set up. Social media can bring organic traffic to your business. They also have a way you can pay to get in front of your target audience. Facebook uses interest, demographic and psychographic data to optimise your advertisement for great Return on your investment. Other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Google plus, Pinterest and other have paid advert your business can leverage on. When starting out, getting organic traffic might be ok but if you are looking for great boost, paid traffic will give you some exposure and branding that your business need to get going . You need a social media plan to get great result with social media marketing. From audience insight and analysis, post frequency, post categories and timing your post, you need tools and plans to reap good rewards with this strategy.
  3. Email Marketing: With the advent of social media, so many people thinks email marketing will die , well, email marketing is still one of the best digital marketing strategies you can use to reach and connect to your target audience. Email marketing gives you an opportunity to bond with your audience and sell to them on a personal level. Can I tell you one big truth, with email marketing, the probability of people buying into your products and services is thrice that of social media. Start building your email list.
  4. PPC and Paid Ad: Search engine marketing is another digital marketing strategy, you can pay search engine companies like Google to display your company when someone search for the keyword about your products. So, with this one, you are getting in front of your audience with affordable advertising model with Search marketing. SEO takes time, skills, energy and efforts to work, while waiting for the dividends of SEO to start pouring in on your business, you can use PPC and Paid Search Ads to bring in prospects to your website and sell to them.
  5. Mobile Marketing: The mobile penetration in this part of the World is the highest in the World. Africa is the biggest mobile phone market. Nigeria as the biggest market in Africa has more than 92 million internet users with more than 70 per cent on the mobile devises. So that means, getting on the bandwagon of the mobile marketing is not just going to be a strategy, it’s a killer one. This strategy offers so many opportunities . Don’t miss out on them.

In conclusion, as a creative Small Business owner, you might be thinking marketing online wouldn’t yield desirable results, but that’s totally wrong. Traditional marketing and advertising budget is high, from communicating with customers to targeting the right audience , there are lots of barriers you can break with Online marketing. With Digital marketing, you have a wide range of opportunities, you can reach your target customers, form good lasting relationships and build data base of leads and prospects. There are still lots more elements and channels of digital marketing strategy like affiliate marketing, Online PR etc. but these are the key components of a good digital marketing that will give your business the lift you want.


Are you currently using one or more of these strategies, which one is giving you more return on investment, comment below, let’s learn more?

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