5 Ways Musicians Can Make Money from Google to Pursue Their Music Marketing Dreams

Making Money From Your Music ,Let's Build You A Website

There is no denying that the 21st century musician will succeed in music marketing without been  tech savvy or get the services of someone who does to be able to generate decent revenue from his/her music. Larger percentage of music marketing efforts that artist and music label make use of is digital marketing to promote music to both their current and prospective fans. But before we delve into the subject of making good money from your music marketing efforts, let’s examine the two main tools that will make it possible. These tools are “Great Content and A fully Optimized website “We know how important Musician’s content is; it plays the number one key role in the music marketing strategies. Without Great music, there’s no market, as customer is the king, so is music as a content is king.  When King interacts with another king, what we have is great experience. As a musician, your fan’s experience is the number one priority because you can only keep him/her with a great content. SEO for Musicians is a good music marketing strategy you can use to give your fans very good experiences.

Note: Content (Music) is King + Customer (Fan) is King. So therefore King +King = Great Experience

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This leads us to the medium your fans use to interact with your content. In this digital age, a great optimized website for musician is not negotiable. If you really want to make good money from your music, then you need a good website, this is where Google comes in. Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo rank websites and web pages according to the values that those pages give to their human visitors. I know you are asking how Google will know when someone visits your website, to be candid, there’s no way Larry Page and his team would have known what someone is doing on one of the billions pages . What they do is this, they had developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) also known as Google Algorithms that can know what someone is doing on each webpage.  Google makes money when they give a good experience to a searcher, so they consider it paramount to always display good result on the SERP page. Google is organising the whole World information including your music so that people searching for them will have quick access to them, this is a great opportunities for musicians.

For instance, someone is searching for an Afro pop song in Lagos, if you are an Afro pop singer; you stand a chance of being shown to that person, this means you have one addition fan for free with little or no effort. This fan can later become a diehard fan and buy anything you produce such as music, merchandises, and tickets for your shows, videos, behind the scenes etc. So there is a great opportunity for musicians to make good amount of money from search engines like Google if they follow some of the factors that the search engines uses to rank contents, there are more than 200 of them.

Having known the two most important tools you need to make money from Google, I will be discussing 5 ways you can make use of the tools to make good revenue from your music.

1.    Building Links : I’m assuming you have gotten your website and your contents in place, for you to rank high on Google and be discovered by a prospective fans, you need to know or build a team that know the important of building links. There are follow and non-follow links. Non follow links doesn’t do your website any good, you need to connect to authoritative sites and make them links to your website. This is the sole reason to have good content, if a publisher like www.notjustok.com or any other niched Authoritative website discovered your music from social channels, they visit your website and they discovered more great content, an Authority website like this can write something about you and link back to your website, this singular and more of this kind of linking can make Google decides to place your website higher in the SERP. There are so many ways you can make link building work for you, you can read more on this or contact Shoplife Digital Promotions Team if you need help.

2.    Branded Keywords - Choosing a great domain name ,  listing out minimum 5 keywords you think your kind of fans will use to search for you is what we are talking about here. Your stage name, your music style or genre, songs name, performances, shows/tour dates are some of the branded keywords you can use to your own advantage. In a situation that a prospective fan discovered you or your music on social channels, the next thing that user will want to do is to google search any of the above mentioned branded keywords. As a musician, you are a brand, so you have the opportunity of branding yourself with keyword, this also means, you need to get into the mind of those prospective fans and know what they will be using if they want to search for a musician doing a music style like you and index your website with the keywords. With this, you can gain a whole lot of fans from Google search result.

3.    SEO Plugins: Another way you can index your contents on your website is by using good SEO plugins. If you are seeing the word SEO for the first time, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the mechanism Google and other search engines uses.  One good SEO plugin you can use is SEO by Yoast. You can optimised your website with this plugin by putting your band name and song style in the meta tags and focus keyword area for better optimization.

4.    Always Measure your result: If you are putting all these things in place on your website, it will be very frustrating if you don’t track and measure the results. There is a very special plugin by Google called Google analytic that you can use to know what the users are doing on your website. You can also use it to know the location of your fans, how long they stayed on your website, which content (music), is being listened to most etc. When you know all these information, you will know what to do to better give them more great experiences and this will put more money into your pocket.

5.    Link social media back to your website: Social media is a great phenomenon that has changed the way businesses and brands interact with their fans and vice versa. You can link your content from social media back to your website; you can also put your social media pages on your website so that new fans can get to know you more. Google and other search engines also use social media interaction to gauge your website ranking.

In conclusion, to make money from Google, you need great content and a very good and optimized website. The whole idea is giving your fans awesome experience and make them stay engaged on your website, when this happen, Google will rank your website and contents higher in the SERP page, this will connects you to more fans and thereby putting more money into your pocket.

I hope you enjoy this article, and I will be gladder to know what you think; you can also let us discuss on more ways musicians make money from Search engines e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

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