3 Creative Ways To A Viral Music Marketing Campaign

Today we are starting a music marketing series on Shoplife Daily and we want to start with this topic "3 Creative Ways To A Viral Music Marketing Campaign" , this questions always go through the minds of most musicians out there. If I may ask you, what will you do to become an online superstar and create a viral effect with your contents?, if you have the opportunity that some of the YouTube superstars had, will you make the best use of it. Let see some of the things they did that make the online viral effect work for their content in 3 Creative Ways To A Viral Music Marketing Campaign.

3 Creative Ways To A Viral Music Marketing Campaign

Music marketing is a very tough and time consuming task for musicians nowadays. Even with the advent of social media, upcoming musician struggles to generate good streams of income that can cater for their music career goals. At the same time, online music marketing can be a very exciting job to do if given the right tools to use with a well thought out business plan . The problem with most musicians is that they just want to share their content online, they believe  the internet is just a place to drop some couples of links and expect magic to happen. You can promote your music online and have hundreds even to thousands of people to listen, download and share your song but to have one of your content go viral and have success come your way, you must outline your music business goals. It’s out of these business goals; you will have your marketing objectives laid out. Don’t forget that as a musician, you are a business and To have a content go viral is not an easy job nor is a tough job either. There is no laid down formula to have your content go viral. So let’s get down  to this, to have your music marketing and promotions efforts and content go viral and create that much needed attention for your brand?, you need the following:

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1. Create Good Content : There is a saying that goes like this “No Pain No Gain”, meaning ?, to achieve any tangible result in life, there is a responsibility you must share , an effort to always strive to be the best and always be unique in your own way will count at the long run. First and foremost, if you want to have well thought out marketing objectives to give you a tangible amount of success, it starts with great content. If you promote a wacky song, you will get wacky result, no one will be willing to share a link of a song he/she doesn’t like or a song they can’t recommend to their friends. When you become big or you an artist with big corporation, you can worry about this aspect less but at your own peril, for me there are different kind of wacky  musical content, there are extremely wacky ,semi wacky and some that are not really wacky when you listen to the whole music but in some cases, they can still be categorized as wacky songs. There was a story about Bill Gate and Young Thug , Bill Gate ask Thug to come and take a certain amount of cash and quit music. He’s buying out Thug’s whole career,as in really?, for him, Young Thug is wacky.  You need a good musical content that can resonates with large groups of people in your own niche.

No matter how the music sound, how great you think the music is, the most important thing is how your fans and your prospects think the music sound. You should have couples of musical content that you can wisely choose from, the song you think can give you a certain amount of rewards, prospects and fans. Virality of your content depends on how much people share it not just online but offline too. At some point, all you need to have your content go viral is a great powerful tool called “Word Of Mouth” from your raving fans to their friends and friends of friends, these people could turn to your die-hard fans sooner or later, all these can be possible if you have a good musical content that is shareable, a song that your fans will be anticipating to listen to any day anytime.

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2 .  Engaging Your Fans : This is a very important marketing objectives, lots of musicians think of marketing as selling something or disturbing your social contact with lots of mass messaging your contact with a routine broadcast about your music content, let me tell you that marketing and communication goes hand in hand, when you are communicating to your fanz about your music, videos, gigs or your recording in the studios, you are marketing to them . for you to have your musical content to go viral and have the marketing efforts to pay off greatly, you need to plan it right from the start, even before releasing the recording, you can start the marketing with the viral videos of your studio sessions, photos of events you attended or updates on the gigs you want to play at, your marketing need to start a month or at least 3 weeks before the song drop , this is to create enough buzz around your brand and the content you are bringing into the music marketplace, this will build anticipation with your raving fans and prospects. Engaging your fans on various digital channels  is a very vital force, but come to think of it, engaging someone with your music, videos to go viral requires you to tap into their emotions, you can do this by making your content to be relatable to the audience you are looking to target. Take for an example when you create a musical videos or music around current event in your city e. g Lagos or your country e. g Nigeria, you tends to have lot of shares and word of mouth working in your favor and this in turn leads to your music going viral. When you use these creative ways to a viral music marketing campaign, you have an opportunity to engage the music lovers {the consumers} who is eagerly waiting and already gave you a go ahead to alter their feelings and emotions. They will click to watch your video or buy your music so kindly use this to your own advantage, make sure you give them what they want, you want to create a win-win situation, you want to get virality to your music while the fans want good content they want to relate with, so make sure you have a quality content that the fans can engage with , engage them by mapping out a strategy to use . I can guess you are marketing your music to get more fans, to get people on your email list, to build a strong buyer base on social media, for all these to take good traction, engaging your fans is the way, don’t forget to use call to actions and giveaways of some of your contents, you can have some of your contents as free give away on your website.

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3 .  Strategize Your Marketing :  We wont be ending the 3 Creative Ways To A Viral Music Marketing Campaign without this, it is a very obvious one and I promise to be dedicating a whole article on this topic very soon. As a musician, you need to note down what you want for your music career. From these objectives, you can now have your own marketing objectives  and all these depends solely on your budget, from your marketing objectives, what percentages of your budget do you want to give to digital promotions , radio promotions,offline distribution of your music. If you have  a budget for hiring a manager to help you with some of these tasks, no problem, it will help you the more and building a promotional team is also a must, I will be discussing digital promotions in some of the coming articles in the series. You have lots of opportunity with the new technologies and social media to reach brand new audiences and turn them into your raving fans. Digital marketing innovations like social media, blogs, Ring back tunes , e-magazines and so on now give musicians opportunities to promote and market their music almost for free . An artist who for example want to leverage social media can do both free and sponsored post to reach more people, it all depends on the music marketing team and the budget the musician is willing to play around with. Musicians should make sure they strategise very well on the issues of marketing because this aspect can break or make the record. Use all the  possible channels of promotion you can think of to reach your target audience, there are some niche online radio stations that you can send your music to along with your profiles and pitch them to have your song  played . There are thousands of blogs you can research and have your recording on either as a sponsored post  or pitching them to get your content on their platform. In getting your music to go viral, make sure you have the right content, engage your audience and plan out your marketing strategies very  well if you want to have success in creating a good viral marketing campaign for your music.

In conclusion, I will like highlight this point that distribution is different from marketing and marketing is different from promotions, to have huge success, musicians need to get things right and differentiate all of these.

Do you have a content that have gone viral before, you can please share your views with us and comment below to share some of the ideas you think can be added. Share with your network. Thanks you for sharing




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