10 Reasons Digital Marketing Strategy is so important for Small Businesses


The fastest growing type of marketing in the World is digital marketing and it will continue to grow on this faster pace until the traditional marketing becomes so tiny fraction of the whole marketing arena. Many companies and Small businesses are moving online  and making use of digital marketing strategy,even your competitors are already establishing their presence on the World Wide Web. But some businesses hesitate to go for the change because they don’t know the opportunities the Internet hold for them. Some don’t know how to go about it even if they wanted to give it a try. Have you ever wonder why executing a digital marketing strategy is so important for your business? , do you know the benefit you will get form it.  I am going to be briefly exposing some of the purpose of using digital Medias and elements as a very good marketing tools to do business.

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What is Digital Marketing? :  DM is the promotions of products and services using one or more of the electronic media. Digital marketing or DM as its fondly called is the future of marketing and jumping in will give you the opportunity to establish your business before your other competitors get on board. All you need to do is learn how it works and adapt yourself for a change, if your business is big enough  and you have marketing department, gear them up to explore digital opportunities and your business will explode in no time.

These are some common digital marketing strategies small business can leverage on to drive great deals: website, Blogging, online Advertising, Online video content, Viral Marketing, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, social media marketing, Email marketing, Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS) etc.

So, Why Digital Marketing so Important to Small Businesses?

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  1. All your Prospects are all Online: Almost all the people you want to do business with are online. Digital marketing deals with a virtual World, you are in business because of your customers, may be most of your customers are in your area or locality. But with digital marketing, you can bring your target customers that are not in your locality to your business, you can connect to a database of your customers and do business with them
  2. Your Competitions are all Online, Get Ahead of them: I used to tell some of my musicians this, if your fans are not listening to you, they are listening to another musician or band. One of the main reasons to get your business online is because of your competitor; you will be losing out on some big sales of your products and services if you don’t get online. Digital devises are so visual that they makes products look appealing and amusing, take for example, as a fashion enthusiastic, if I am looking for a great design to rock to a wedding in Lagos in the next 2 days, I might decide to go to Balogun market in Lagos island, then give my fashion designer in my area to make the cloth for me. But I am busy, the office work and engagement won’t let me go to the market. But I saw a designer on Facebook telling me she can do the kind of style I need and deliver it right to my door steps with just little additional fees. What would I do, I will probably jump at it. Then the fashion designer in my area had loss a sale or maybe a customer, the new designer if she knows how to keep me as a client will gain my heart and the business continues. So, if you are not getting online because of anything, get on it because of competition
  3. The Rise of Digital Natives: Digital natives are the generational group that are born after the rise and spread of digital technologies and devices. These generations are not just going to be making use of internet for learning or consuming information, they will use internet to primarily do their shopping. You will do your business a lot of good if you get on board so you can serve this group of people.
  4. Gain Brand Awareness , Equity and Engagement: The social media marketing as an integral aspect of digital marketing strategies gives small businesses opportunity to gain good awareness to their brand, get people talking about your business and leverage on this to get good brand equity. Traditional advertising is a kind of marketing with one way communication system. But digital marketing is a two way channels, you can interact with your customers and know more about their pain points and challenges so you can serve them better.
  5. Build Trust: You don’t just sell products and services; you can build trust with digital marketing strategies. Consumers want brands that can treat them with respect and honour, when you engage your customers one-on-one and offer solutions to their problems via blogging or content marketing, you give them the impression that you can serve them better. In response to this, they will trust you and you will make your brand to be on the top of their minds.
  6. Doing Analysis: Some tools like Google analytics and others will enable you to monitor all your customer’s actions, preferences and with this you get better insight into their behaviour. Digital marketing gives you the ability to give your customers great and awesome experiences, when you know their problems, you can come up with a solution to them.
  7. Increase your Conversions: Traditional marketing is so consuming, you spend on promotions and you are trying to break even on the money you spend for the ads. But with digital marketing strategies, you have a great opportunity to have higher conversions especially if you put many of these digital strategies together, you will be able to have more bottom line and make your small business fly.
  8. Get customers on the go: Larger percentage of people in Nigeria uses mobile phone to connect to the web. This is a great opportunity for you as a small business owner, you will be communicating and interacting with your customers on the go, they see your messages and promotions and can decide to engage with you on the same minute.
  9. Blogging: With the advent of web 2.0, you can build a community around your business or use blogging to share information about your products and services. When you use blogging or content marketing to reach out, educate and entertain your audience, you make them feel more connected to you and in return, they will stick around and do more business with you.
  10. More Affordable: As a small business owner, you probably don’t have the spending power of the large corporation you are competing with. But with the new medias, you can now target the same customers these corporation have access to and do business with them. Digital marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing. You now have at your disposal cheaper advertising channels than the traditional channels.


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The new Medias is here and it will be beneficial for your business if you adopt these channels and make use of them to better serve your audience and build your business. However, digital marketing is not an easy strategy to execute; you can start by learning about it or hire a good agency to work with your marketing department. It needs a lot of creativity, resilience and innovations to make it work.

As you get on board and adopt these channels for your business, I wish you good luck and hope to see your business flying all across the states of Nigeria and the nations of the World.

Do you have any comments, questions, you can put them in the comment section, and we can all interact together.

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