5 Right Principles to Achieving Great Success and Happiness – Dayss Ola Lee Series

No matter where we are going in life, there is always a way, an avenue or road that leads to that specific place.  The way or the avenue that leads to higher life and right living is the way of principles.  Principles or laws I am talking about here are the principles that govern the universe. Anything that is universal must be under these laws of the universe set by God the Almighty Himself, and anyone that must taste anything that is universal must always obey these divine laws in order to take hold of these things. There’s not much argument that we are building a personal brand to achieve success and ultimately be happy. Everyone in this life have a personal image he/she crafted for his/herself. The image may be that of a success or failure. There is a way other people view you, is it in term of success or failure?, let’s look at it.


As we know, success is universal and for someone to be termed successful, he/she must obey some principles attached to success. Success is self-inviting, it draws multitude to the person possessing it. The person do not need to announce it, saying, hey come, I am successful. Everyone knows success when they see one.

Every individual wants to be successful, but very few are successful. Why is success so scarce in the life of majority? , why do people do a whole lot of things to be successful and stills end up a failure. This is what we will be briefly looking at in the article. So, let us know what success is. What’s success?

Success is getting good result in succession. When the result you get today is better than that of yesterday, you can be termed success.  Success is not a station or a destination, success is a journey. It’s those that are eager climb and proceed on that journey that will end up as a success.

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So let’s briefly look at the five standing principles that will turn you into an outstanding success this 2018.

5 Right Principles to Achieving Great Success and Happiness

  1. Duty: Everyone was sent into this World to accomplish one assignment or the other. The principle of Duty entails that you locate this assignment and face it squarely. Principle of duty is all about knowing what you are here for, doing it without interfering into your neighbour’s affairs or business. This law will make you to know who you are and discover yourself in life. You don’t need to be your neighbour or your friend not even your dad or mentor to be successful. To start living a successful and happy life purposefully, you need to obey the law of duty. If you are a student looking for success in academic, you need to face your book, not Facebook, it’s your duty. As a businessman, you need to be thinking more about your goals throughout the day, not focusing on your competitors; it’s your duty to figure out how to beat your competitor but not focusing on them. I heard this from Tony Robbins; he said 80% of our lives depend on Psychology while just 20% depends on mechanism. When we face the duty we are assigned and not mending into other people’s business, we will ride on the fast lane to success fast.
  2. Honesty: This one is so important. Without honesty, even if you find yourself in a position of success, you won’t be able to maintain it. Dishonesty is a destiny killer. A person striving to be successful must obey the law of honesty to keep the pace in the success race or finds himself on the side-line of failure. It’s a matter of time as a business person if you are deceiving your customers. It’s just a matter of time, they will catch up with you one day and that might be the end of the business relationship. If you know what success is, which is getting good result in succession, you won’t want to play down on honesty any day anytime.
  3. Economy: There is a saying in Yoruba land that says “Money said, if I am not around, do not plan”. You need money to run the economy of success. The law of economy cannot be disobeyed, if you do it, you will get the punishment. Almost everyone is guilty of breaking this law. The economy of the universe will only favour those who obey the law of the economy. Money is just part of this law, money is not is not all it entails. Just view it in terms of your Country economy, when your Government are not doing things right, the country suffers, it’s the same thing with the law of economy, when you as a person is not obeying it, your life will not be able to reflect success.
  4. Liberality: This one partially depends on the law of economy. A liberal soul shall be made fat according to the bible. A liberal soul have to give something to be made fat, it may be money, love, experience, Knowledge or time. When you obey this law and give freely, what you sow will come back to you in multiple folds.
  5. Self-control: The principle of self-control is very important. Patient, Purity, gentleness, kindness and steadfastness which are all part of the law of self-control are something human being learns bit by bit. Without these virtuous laws being learned, a person cannot attain great success and happiness.

In conclusion, there are three things you and I must have to be successful, we must know where we are going, we must know what it takes and we must be willing to do what it takes to get to where we are going. According to my Father and mentor, Bishop David Oyedepo, if you don’t know where you are going, everywhere you get to will look like it. I was in a bus coming to Lagos from Ota one Sunday, the bus is overload and I need to manage just one corner, not on a sit, I was comfortable sitting in that place, it’s not until someone came down from the bus and I sat on the chair that I got to know that I was previously suffering myself, I feels the comfort that other people are taking for granted. Wise people take details of even smallest things. Let us know what we want in life, which is living wisely, if we live with wisdom, we will obey these principles, be able to build something great and pursue it with all intent and purpose. Remember, purpose is very important. It’s the Dayss Ola Lee Series. I wish you a blessed week. Watch out for the next one, until then; keep building your personal image excellently.

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